My Community | Author: Raven Howell | Illustrator: Yeng Yang
“Greet the morning - hello, sun!
Today I’m meeting everyone!
Mailman, teacher, doctor, vet…
Want a slice of pizza yet?
Celebrate diversity –
Come meet my community!”

Open your eyes! Stretch, yawn, and enjoy this rollicking day, joining with a diverse and loving community. 
And at day’s end, as the sun sets and moon illuminates, children can tumble into sweet dreams of wholeness,
love, and unity.
​-Age Range: 5 - 8 years
-Grade Level: Kindergarten - 6
-Publisher: MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing (Sept 18, 2018)
-Hardcover | Paperback: 30 Pages

*Available in traditional and dyslexic fonts.
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